09-22-2009 17:28
Album Reviews

Pixie Lott
`Turn it Up'
(Universal Music Korea)

Pixie Lott is only 18 years old, and her first two singles shot straight to the top of the British charts this year. With her blonde hair and cute looks, it might be easy to dismiss Lott as another Britney Spears wannabe. But after listening to her soulful voice, it's apparent she's more like British diva Duffy.

The British singer-songwriter's debut single ``Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh)'' is a sassy track that combines old school soul and pop music. Her songs are upbeat and cheerful, but never cheesy like ``Boys & Girls'' and ``Band-Aid.''' Lott also does well with romantic ballads ``Cry Me Out,'' ``My Love'' and ``Nothing Compares.''

-Cathy Rose A. Garcia


Singer Jade Villalon was better known as Sweetbox, until she ditched the stage name in 2007. Now, she is working with music partner Geo under the name Eternity.

This time, the duo went back to their roots and created an album filled with pop, electro and R&B songs that sample classical music. For instance, ``Wonderful World'' and ``Love'' sample Pachelbel's `` Canon.'' The romantic ``I Will,'' based on Vivaldi's ``Spring'' from ``The Four Seasons,'' will no doubt be a staple at many weddings. Villalon's voice is beautifully matched with the timeless melodies arranged by Geo. This is an album that will delight both pop and classical music fans.

-Cathy Rose A. Garcia

(Warner Korea)

The long-awaited fifth album from British rock trio Muse is finally here. ``Resistance'' is an ambitious effort, as Muse experiments a bit more with their sound. The album opens with the rock anthem ``Uprising,'' which will probably one of the highlight performances of any Muse concert in the future.

``Undisclosed Desires'' stands out mainly because of its catchy R&B sound. Frontman Matthew Bellamy sounds a lot like Queen's Freddie Mercury in ``United States of Eurasia.'' There's the soaring three-part symphony ``Exogenesis,'' which few rock bands even attempt these days. This is an album that will sell to old-time Muse fans, and attract new ones.

-Cathy Rose A. Garcia