04-22-2007 17:50
Test Standard Set for Korean-Chinese Workers

Ethnic Korean-Chinese who want a job in Korea will be eligible for the next five years if they get more than 200 points on a Korean proficiency test, the perfect score of which is 400.

The Ministry of Justice yesterday announced the standard for Business Test of Proficiency in Korea (B-TOPIK) in a plan to select ethnic Korean-Chinese workers without relatives here.

Those who acquire more than 200 points at B-TOPIK will be included in a workers' pool for the next five years. A designated number of workers from each age group will be selected through a computer lottery.

``We decided to put all people obtaining the standard scores into the lottery pool, as a system selecting workers in the order of scores has led ethnic Korean-Chinese to focus only on language learning,'' a ministry official said.

For ethnic Korean-Uzbeks, whose Korean proficiency is poorer than that of Korean-Chinese, the ministry did not set up a standard point system but will first select twice the number of the quota based on scores.

B-TOPIK is comprised of four categories: vocabulary and grammar, writing, listening and reading. One hundred points are given in each category.