Jeong Jin-woon of 2AM announces new solo album

Posted : 2018-09-02 19:01 Updated : 2018-09-03 13:23

By Kwak Yeon-soo

Singer Jeong Jin-woon, better known as Jinwoon, of ballad group 2AM released his latest mini-album, "Koong! Pop!," Sunday. The release has three new songs _ lead track "All I Need is You," "My Head Hurts" and "Shine" and comes after Jeong's single "Erasing" in April.

Having participated in both composing music and writing lyrics, Jeong mainly focuses on creating music that has an energetic and playful mood.

"All I Need is You is a synth-pop style2 track that mixes alternative rock vibes. I wanted to make this fun for myself and the audience so they can all sing along on the choruses at my concerts," Jeong said via his agency Mystic Entertainment.

Another track "My Head Hurts" is about a man who is clumsy at love, crooning about conflicting feelings while experiencing the ups-and-downs of romance.

"Shine" includes a motivational message for young people who have been through emotional hurdles and feel loneliness. Its lyrics tell a story about young people who challenge themselves.

"This album consists of tracks that are dancy and fun, but there are also a lot of personal details in the songs," Jeong said. "I tried to write about life experiences that people my age go through. I, as a 27-year-old, have similar worries."

Jeong and his bandmates left JYP Entertainment and joined separate agencies to pursue individual careers. But they firmly stated that the group would not be disbanding. The members said they would prepare for a new album as 2AM after all the members complete their military duties.

Meanwhile, the soloist hinted at his desire to be appealing to as many people as he possibly could, while still being able to share his story and music.

"My music has many shades of colors. I'd like to use my music to express a wide range of feelings and try diverse genres of music," Jeong said.

"I love it when people tell me 'You seem to enjoy life.' I want to keep on living this way _ make good music, pursue acting and appearing on TV entertainment shows," he added.

Jeong debuted as soloist in 2016 with his single "Will." Since then, he has unveiled songs "Love is True" and "Erasing," backed by his own band.