Posted : 2016-05-09 13:55
Updated : 2016-05-09 22:46

'King of Mask Singer' champion continues to rule

"Our Neighborhood Music General" from MBC's "King of Mask Singer"/Courtesy of MBC

By Lee Jin-a

Who can overthrow the reigning champion -- a male vocalist known only by his stage name "Our Neighborhood Music General" --in the popular TV singing competition program "King of Mask Singer"?

In Sunday's episode of the MBC program, in which contestants wear masks to hide their identities, the Music General won his contest. Runner-up was female vocalist Yangpa, who revealed her identity after the loss. She performed as "Mysterious Wonder Woman."

The audience was surprised that "Our Neighborhood Music General" outscored Yangpa, a well-known K-pop vocalist, with 66 points, double her score.

Viewers believe "Our Neighborhood Music General" is Ha Hyeon-woo from indie-rock band Gukkasten. He sang the 1988 number "Waiting Everyday" by rock band Tisamseu. Yangpa performed Lee So-ra's 2004 ballad "The Wind is Blowing.".

While "Our Neighborhood Music General" still rules supreme, netizens believe talented singers like Kim Beom-soo, Park Jeong-hyun or Lee Seung-cheol should participate in the contest to end his winning streak.

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