Posted : 2013-03-07 16:32
Updated : 2013-03-07 16:32

Korean fairytale selected as Best Book of Year in Poland, a renowned Polish online literary organization, has selected, a renowned Korean fairytale book, “Leafie, A Hen Into the Wild” by Hwang Sun-mi, which was translated into Polish, as the Best Book of the Year 2012.
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          Translation Institute of Korea
By Chung Ah-young

A renowned Korean fairytale book, "Leafie, A Hen Into the Wild" by Hwang Sun-mi has been selected as the Best Book of the Year 2012 by the online literary community in Poland., a renowned Polish online literary organization, selected the book as the year's best work based on votes from readers and literary critics in the children and young adult literature sector. The novel was chosen as the Best Book of Spring 2012 in the same category.

With the support of the Literature Translation Institute of Korea last year, it was published in Polish by Kwiaty Orientu, a publisher keen on introducing Korean books, in February 2012 there.
The publisher has introduced Korean literary titles such as Kim Young-ha's "Whatever Happened to the Guy Stuck in the Elevator?" and Hwang Sok-young's "The Land of Strangers," and Shin Kyung-sook's "I'll Be Right There."

"Leafie, A Hen Into the Wild" was translated by Edyta Matejko-Paszkowska, an editor and publisher and Choi Seong-eun, professor of Polish at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.
The novel has been translated into English, Chinese and German with the support of the institute. A version in Bulgarian will be published soon.

First published in Korea in 2000, the book portrays the adventures of a hen who tries to escape the coop with an adopted duckling. The book has sold more than 1 million copies in the nation. It was also made into the animated film, released in 2011, scoring a big success with more than 2 million viewers, the largest number for a home-produced animated film in Korea.

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