Posted : 2016-04-26 17:22
Updated : 2016-04-26 17:50

Volkswagen, Audi to recall 2,617 cars

By Jhoo Dong-chan

German auto brands Volkswagen and Audi have been ordered to recall a total of 2,617 SUVs, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced Tuesday.

Volkswagen's mid-size crossover Touareg SUVs were found to have a defect in the model's brake parts, which may not operate properly at high speeds. A total of 2,473 SUVs made between Feb. 10, 2011, and Jan. 19, 2016, have been cited for the safety malfunction.

Volkswagen's other compact-size Tiguan SUVs and the company's sister automaker Audi's Q5 luxury crossovers have been cited for an airbag defect. The two models' airbag system, supplied by Japanese company Takata, has a defective inflator and propellant device that may deploy improperly in an accident, spraying metal fragments at the driver.

A total of 115 Tiguans made between Jan. 14, 2015, and Feb. 4, 2015, were affected while 29 Q5s, made between Jan. 13 and Feb. 3 the same year, will be recalled, the ministry said.

Volkswagen started providing free repairs at its service center Tuesday while Audi starts the service for the Q5, Friday.

The ministry advised owners of the affected cars with the Takata airbag system to seek repairs as soon as possible.

"Since they were found to have defects in a safety-related system, we strongly advise owners to get repairs as soon as possible," said a ministry official.

Beyond Volkswagen and Audi, 48 models by six automakers, totaling more than 50,000 cars, were previously found to have the defective Takata airbag system. Of them, the ministry has already issued orders to recall 38,228 of the affected cars, with plans to recall all, once enough replacement parts are available.

So far, however, only 19,776 cars, or 39 percent, have been reported for the recall.

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