Posted : 2012-05-02 20:12
Updated : 2012-05-02 20:12

Why is Google popular with workers?

By Lee Hyo-sik

Jobseekers here used to pick a company that offered high salaries and generous benefits even if they had to work through the night and come to the office on weekends. But these days, they are increasingly putting greater priority on other aspects of their careers.

Many job hunters look to find employment at a place where they can strike a balance between work and their private life, and in a more creative and self-initiating environment. They also want to work for an employer that genuinely caters to their personal wellbeing and concerns.

Among foreign-invested companies here, Google Korea best meets the list of such needs desired by prospective employees, online job portal Saramin said Wednesday.

In an online survey of 3,967 jobseekers, 23.6 percent said they would like to find a job at Google Korea, followed by Yuhan Kimberly at 9 percent. The Korean unit of the U.S.-based Internet giant was named by jobseekers as the top want-to-work-for foreign company for the fourth consecutive year.

Apple Korea came in third at 5 percent, followed by Nike Korea at 4.1 percent, 3M Korea at 3 percent, Home plus at 2.8 percent, GM Korea at 2.4 percent and Starbucks Korea at 1.6 percent.

The survey also found university graduates prefer foreign firms to domestic ones for their corporate culture and image, and growth potential.

By company, Google Korea, Yuhan Kimberly and 3M Korea scored high on work environment and corporate culture. On the other hand, Apple Korea and Nike Korea are favored for their corporate image and recognition, while jobseekers want to work for Home plus and GM Korea for higher salaries.

“Google Korea has been named by jobseekers as the best foreign firm for four straight years. It offers employees an optimum office environment where they can reach their full-potential,” Saramin spokeswoman Im Min-uk said.

Im also said the world’s largest Internet firm provides workers with a range of benefit packages. “For instance, employees can grab something to eat from a cafeteria for free at any time. There is a lounge where they can take a break. Workers can also work out at a gym.”

The spokeswoman said worker satisfaction at Google is higher than other companies, thanks to its flexible work environment, and superior welfare facilities and services. “These days, money is not everything. Salaried workers want to strike a balance between work and family, and upgrade their quality of life.”

Lois Kim, the Google Korea spokeswoman, said the company is a place for its 200 employees to work and play at the same time “Google employees are allowed to work on what they enjoy. So, they show their full-potential, which benefits not only individuals but also the entire organization.”

The Saramin survey also found four in every 10 surveyed jobseekers look to land a job at foreign-invested companies. About 46.3 percent of them said to do so, they need to be fluent in English and other foreign languages, while 12.2 percent citied global perspective as the most crucial trait job hunters should acquire.
관련 한글 기사

구직자들은 왜 구글에서 일하고 싶어 하는가?

구글코리아가 4년 연속 구직자들이 가장 입사하고 싶어 하는 외국계 기업으로 선정됐다.

2일 취업포털 사람인이 구직자 3967명을 대상으로 조사한 결과에 따르면, 23.6%가 가장 입사하고 싶은 외국계 기업으로 구글코리아를 꼽았다.

이어 유한킴벌리(9%), 애플코리아(5%), 나이키스포츠(4.1%), 한국쓰리엠(3%), 홈플러스(2.8%), 한국지엠(2.4%), 르노삼성자동차(2.2%), 한국씨티은행(1.8%), 스타벅스커피코리아(1.6%) 등의 순이었다.

외국계 기업에 입사하고 싶은 이유로는 조직 문화, 기업 이미지, 성장가능성 등이 거론됐다.

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