Posted : 2011-11-15 17:45
Updated : 2011-11-15 17:45

Children’s peace art festival will take place before nuclear summit

Child actor Wang Seok-hyeon, left, and actress Jin Ji-hee pose to promote the children’s art competition in cerebration of the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Summit. They are publicity ambassadors for the international event.
/ Courtesy of Korea Nuclear Energy Promotion Agency
By Kim Tae-gyu

The Korea Nuclear Energy Promotion Agency (KONEPA) plans to raise awareness on the up-and-coming Nuclear Security Summit by hosting an art competition open to children across the world.

The Seoul-based agency said Thursday that children can submit their pictures or posters on nuclear safety beginning Dec. 1 this year through Jan. 13 next year along with an application form, which will be available at its Web site (

The state-run outfit plans to accept 100 pictures or posters from 50 countries via Korean embassies there with an extended deadline of Jan. 25 2012 as well as ones from local applicants.

A total of 138 will be picked late January and an award ceremony will take place the next month before they are displayed during the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul late next March.

``The main themes are about a safe world without the threat of nuclear incidents and the peaceful use of nuclear energy. We have planned the event for a successful hosting of the nuclear summit,’’ a KONEPA official said.

``We will continue to exhibit the works even after the meeting finishes in public places including subway stations in order to keep raising awareness on nuclear safety.’’

Details are available at the website of KONEPA.

Next year’s assembly in Seoul is the second meeting of the Nuclear Security Summit after the first gathering in Washington last year.

State leaders and heads of global agencies will get together to come up with ways to better safeguard weapons-grade plutonium and uranium to weed out any threats of nuclear terrorism.

The second summit is attracting more attention compared to the inaugural one because it is happening in the aftermath of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima early this year in Japan, which has yet to be fully contained.

In addition, the thorny issue of North Korea’s nuclear programs will be one of the central topics of the meeting, according to observers.

Founded in 1992, KONEPA has put forth efforts to promote people’s acceptance of nuclear power by various activities. Incumbent Chairman Rhee Jae-hwan took the reins of the organization in late 2008.

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