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Clubs; Traditional; Arts exhibitions; Sports game
Clubs, Traditional, Art Exhibitions, Kids, Sports Games, Horseracing

Underlounge Seoul Hongdae or Hongik University Area This is the local club of a hip Japanese chain that also has a branch in Shanghai, located in the famous clubbing area Hongdae. Located near the main entrance of Hongik University. Call (02..

Classical concerts
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Clubs, art exhibitions and sports games
Targeting family audiences, the exhibition, reconstituted on the basis of the content of the Field Museum in Chicago, tries to deliver educational messages on everything about chocolate from its history to the production process and chocolatiers ..

Concerts, museums and theater
Based on Brother Grimms famous fable, the opera Hansel and Gretel is designed to appeal to audiences of all ages. Hansel and Gretel get lost in the forest. They find a house decorated with chocolates and snacks belonging to an evil witch. Tick..

Classical concerts
Classical Concerts, Big Tickets, Museums, Dance, Pop & Jazz,

Clubs; Art Exhibitons; Traditkional; Kids; Sports; Horseracing

Clubs, art exhibitions and sports games

Concerts, museums and theater
Classical Concerts

Clubs, art exhibitions and sports games
Josef Schulz, born in Poland in 1966, is a creative artist taught by Bernd & Hilla Becher who gave rise to revolutionary changes in German photographic history from straight-shooting photography to an experimental one. Schulzs photography series..

Concerts, museums and theater
The Vienna Strauss Festival Orchestra, founded in 1978 by artistic producer Peter Guth, will perform with soprano Im Sun-hae and hold its fourth performance in Korea, following one last year. The orchestra has been touring throughout Europe, Asia a..

Clubs, art exhibitions and sports games
Clubs, art exhibitions & sports games

Concerts, museums and theater
Classical Concerts, Big Tickets, Museums, Pop & Jazz & Dance

Clubs, art exhibitions and sports games
The exhibition titled Reflection Series will shed light on new pieces created by artist Kwon Ki-soo, best known as the creator of the famous character Dong gu ri. Kwon has extended his artistic realm by focusing on illusionary images, utiliz..

Concerts, museums and theater
Janek Ledecky, one of the most popular musicians in the Czech Republic, is better known as composer and writer of the rock opera Hamlet. The classic tale of revenge by William Shakespeare was reinterpreted through Ledeckys composition. It is L..

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