Posted : 2012-05-10 15:54
Updated : 2012-05-10 15:54

Services tailor-made for business travelers

The InterContinental Seoul Coex provides “Your Perfect Pillow Menu” service, in which guests can choose from 10 different pillow types.
/ Courtesy of InterContinental Seoul Coex

By Kim Rahn

A good night’s sleep is essential when traveling. In particular, business travelers need to relax and unwind to get the most out of their meetings and tightly planned schedules.

A number of Korea’s top hotels are offering customized, special services for business travelers. These range from soothing massages and a chance to sleep in the finest bedding to renting trekking equipment for savoring the great outdoors.

The Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel’s Aequalis Spa provides special treatment tailored for today’s expectant travelers.

The “Traveler’s Bliss” is a body treatment designed to relieve fatigue from jet lag and other consequences of long haul flights. Using techniques to relieve tension in the leg, back, neck and shoulder muscles, and the eyes, the 90-minute treatment has proven popular among business guests visiting the spa in the evening after work.

Guests receive full-body treatment from a Thai therapist after luxuriating in a steam shower installed in the treatment room. The scent of aroma oils helps relieve the tension and some guests take a sweat nap while receiving the treatment.

After becoming fully relaxed, a cup of tea is offered in the refreshment room.

The treatment is available between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. at the spa located on the 28th floor of the hotel. For more information, call 02 2211-1680.

Some people don’t sleep well away from their own beds. To help those having a hard time getting to sleep, the InterContinental Hotels Group offer a service called “Your Perfect Pillow Menu.”

During their stay, guests can select pillows of different shapes or material by contacting the Instant Service Center.

In Seoul, the InterContinental Seoul Coex provides 10 types of pillow.

The chrysanthemum pillow contains the fragrance of flowers and air flows through the pillow, keeping the head cool; the micro fiber pillow is made of super-fine cotton that also helps kill germs; a large-sized candy-shaped pillow supports the neck and head to assist breathing and blood circulation; and a buckwheat pillow is believed to remove heat from the head.

The hotel also has a pillow with three jade stones that promotes blood circulation and metabolism; another is filled with duck and goose feathers to provide warmth; and a polyurethane-made pillow, often called “memory foam,” adjusts to the individual shape of the sleeper’s body.

The hotel group has its own bed specifications, which regulate the minimum length and width of the bed, the number and durability of mattress springs, and the quality of the linen. Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas and InterContinental Seoul Coex satisfy and surpass the guidelines with beds manufactured by Simmons and Ace.

For guests at the Westin Chosun Seoul, the hotel’s service begins at the airport upon their arrival to the country.

Guests are welcomed by a hotel staffer at the airport. Those taking the hotel limousine will get their favorite magazines and music in the car, while those taking a bus or a taxi will receive a bottle of water.

Those who have to go directly to their business meeting from the airport can use the Express Check-in service, through which they can check in to the hotel at the airport then seamlessly slip into work. This service is popular especially among those who first visit Korea.

When they arrive at the hotel, they are given a personal escort to their room without having to wait at the front desk to check-in. Their luggage is also carried to their rooms.

The staffer at the airport checks the guests’ reservations and personal tastes, while others from all departments of the hotel share the information and prepare a room according to it.

A location tracking device is installed in the hotel’s limousines, so staff at the hotel can predict when the guests arrive and wait for them out front.

Travelers sometimes are at a loss with what to do and where to go with luggage when they arrive at a hotel before the check-in hour.

For such people, the Lotte Hotel Seoul offers the Refreshing Room, the first of its kind in Korea, on the 31st floor of the main building.

The room is accessible by guests who need to wait while their rooms are prepared or by businessmen who use the conference rooms. It is an ideal place where guests can unwind and rest after a long journey or heavy workday.

It is equipped with massage chairs, oxygen concentrators, infrared lamps, DVD players, CD players, a four-seater sofa and table, an espresso machine and wireless Internet. Also available are newspapers, magazines, wet towels, sleeping masks and a selection of pastries.

Business travelers are sometimes given free time to look around the city or region they are staying in. Those in Jeju may want to experience the resort island, especially the famous Olle trekking, but it is unlikely for business travelers to be prepared with trekking equipment.

For such people, the Hyatt Regency Jeju offers complementary trekking equipment rental service sponsored by Black Yak.

The equipment includes a backpack, a walking stick, a raincoat and a personal seat. For health reasons, trekking shoes are not provided. For more information, call 064-733-1234.
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