Posted : 2010-07-12 16:57
Updated : 2010-07-12 16:57

Can Eugene add something new to beauty scene?

Singer-turned-actress Eugene will host a new beauty show ``Get It Beauty’’ which will start airing July 14 at 11 p.m. on O’ live.
/ Courtesy of O'live
By Han Sang-hee
Staff reporter

Pull out your mascara and lip gloss as former girl band S.E.S. member Eugene prepares to share her beauty secrets with her new show ``Get It Beauty’’ this week.

Beauty is one of the most important topics for both young women and men in Korea. There are numerous makeup classes offered in department stores by various cosmetic brands, and famous beauty tip bloggers on the web even share advice. On top of this, celebrities can also be a big help in sharing some of the best tricks in the business.

The 29-year-old singer-turned-actress has already proven her expertise on the subject from hosting shows and writing a book ``Eugene’s Beauty Secret’’ last year ― and hopefully, more viewers will get to pick her brain on the subject.

``In `Get It Beauty,’ we will openly and truthfully talk about women’s beauty. We’ll tackle the worries and secrets women have and also try to come up with helpful and easy solutions,’’ she said during a press conference last week at multicultural space Garden Place in central Seoul.

``Our aim is to make a show that isn’t just hosted by a pretty celebrity, but by someone who really knows what she is talking about. Eugene has been working in the industry for 13 years, and I’m sure she has a lot to share,’’ producer Lee Jun-ho added.

While other programs usually promote brands and share information that can be easily found on the Internet, ``Get It Beauty’’ will bring 50 so-called ``Better Girls’’ and talk about real problems regarding beauty and makeup.

The show will feature one topic at a time, from the best foundation tone for Koreans to how to match makeup with your outfit and the best way to organize your makeup pouch, with Eugene providing her personal experience and tips along the way.

``I’m pretty sure the channel chose me because they thought I would be able to connect easily with the audience,’’ she said laughing.

``Personally, my biggest concern is dark circles under my eyes. I’ve consulted doctors but they told me there was nothing I could do surgically. I have since discovered my own way to conceal them, and I am willing to share all of my secrets with the viewers of my show,’’ Eugene added.

With high hopes of becoming a true friend and solution-maker for hopeless women, ``Get It Beauty’’ starts airing July 14 at 11 p.m. on cable channel O’ live.
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