Posted : 2010-06-20 20:49
Updated : 2010-06-20 20:49

Lee Hyo-ri admits plagiarizing songs

Lee Hyo-ri
By Lee Hyo-won
Staff reporter

Amid an escalating plagiarism debate, pop star Lee Hyo-ri admitted herself that several tracks from her fourth album were indeed borrowed, Yonhap News reported Sunday.

Her agency Mnet Media plans to sue the songwriter who gave the songs to Lee if the songs in question are proven to breach copyright laws.

``There were problems regarding the pieces by (the newcomer songwriter) Bahnus Vacuum,'' said Lee in a message posted on her fan website. ``At first I was convinced that the demo tape of the songs suffered (premature) exposure. I didn't have any doubts since I received the songs through the company (Mnet Media). But after an investigation it turns out that they were not Bahnus' songs.''

Seven titles on her latest recording ``H-Logic''are credited to Bahnus Vacuum (real name Lee Jae-young). There has been much debate over the originality of the songs for some time now among netizens but Mnet Media previously issued a statement upholding Bahnus' claim that the demo tracks were prematurely exposed.

``It took some time to track down the original songs because they were all borrowed from foreign pieces. Two were proven to be based on other works. We contacted the original songwriter and we are discussing the matter. As much as I have caused harm, albeit unintended, I will take the responsibility,'' the 31-year-old singer said of the songs ``Feel the Same,'' ``How Did We Get,'' ``I'm Back,'' ``Memory,'' ``Geunae'' (Swing) and ``Highlight.''

In April netizens pointed out that Lee's ``Bring It Back'' resembles Canadian girl band Cookie Couture's ``Boy, Bring It Back,'' while ``Feel the Same'' was similar to Canadian singer Melanie Durrant's song of the same name. ``How Did We Get'' was compared to ``How Did We'' by U.S. singer Jason Derulo, while ``I'm Back'' was measured against Canadian singer Lil Precious' ``So Insane.'' ``Memory''was noted for its resemblance to ``The Alphabet Song'' by British band Second Person.

Mnet Media said that it contacted the foreign songwriters of the songs in question via email beginning in April, and received a reply from the agencies of Cooki Couture and Second Person. The issue is currently being discussed between lawyers representing the respective artists.

Meanwhile Bahnus Vacuum was not available for comment. Mnet Media said that when talks of plagiarism first spread he claimed innocence by providing documents which later turned out to have been forged.

이효리 가사 표절 인정

표절에 관한 토론이 고조되는 가운데 국내 최대 가수인 이효리가 4집 앨범 수록 곡 일부가 빌려온 것임을 인정했다고 연합뉴스가 일요일 보도했다.

이씨의 소속사인 엠넷 미디어는 문제의 가사가 저작권법을 위반한지가 증명되면 이효리에게 노래를 준 가사 작가를 고소할 계획이다
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