Posted : 2009-09-01 18:14
Updated : 2009-09-01 18:14

Network to Bring New Sitcom, Dramas

The poster for the new sitcom “High Kick 2.” The upgraded version of the hit sitcom of 2006 will bring a different cast and storyline, but is expected to entertain fans with the same charming humor. / Courtesy of MBC

By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

MBC is enjoying top ratings with the hit period drama ``The Great Queen Seondeok,'' and the broadcaster is expected to continue captivating viewers with its new sitcom ``High Kick 2'' and dramas ``No Limit'' and ``Jewel Bibimbap.''

``No Limit'' made headlines when it was confirmed that U-Know from the popular boy group TVXQ would appear as the ambitious football player Cha Bong-gun.

It will be the first time for the 23-year-old singer to appear in a television series, and according to the production team, he has been working hard not to disappoint fans.

``Even after a long day of filming, I come home and I can't wait to go back to the set,'' he was quoted as saying by MBC.

When asked about his first attempt at acting, the singer said, "I'm pretty brave. Having a limit is like growing up. You have to overcome it to move forward. I think after the drama, I'll probably have grown a lot more than before."

The drama revolves around Cha, who dreams of becoming one of the best football players in Korea. As the young athlete strives to make the national team, he is joined by several friends, and enemies, along the way. The drama will start airing Sept. 9 at 9:55 p.m. every Wednesday and Thursday.

The family soap ``Jewel Bibimbap'' will begin airing every weekend starting this week. Drama fans have been anticipating this particular work as popular writer Lim Sung-han decided to write the script. Lim, whose works include ``Looking Again and Again'' (1999), ``Lady Mermaid'' (2002) and ``Glory of Family'' (SBS, 2005), saw most of her projects reach 20 percent television ratings on average, and has been a favorite among viewers with her down-to-earth dialogue and provocative storylines.

Main actors Soh Yi-hyun and Lee Tae-gon expressed their excitement and honor to work on Lim's first drama in two years.

``I completely trusted Lim. I usually consider the overall concept, storyline and character, but this one was an exception and I was up for the offer as soon as I heard the news,'' Lee told MBC.

Soh, who also appears in television series ``Swallow the Sun'' (SBS), added that it was indeed an honor and that she agreed to appear on the show instantly.

``Bibimbap'' will portray the ups and downs of a family with four brothers and sisters named after jewels: Ruby, Jade, Amber and Coral. Starring veteran actors such as Han Hye-suk and Park Keun-hyong, the drama will portray the lives of the family members.

With high expectations from both fans and the actors, ``Jewel Bibimbap'' will hit the small screen Sept. 5 at 9:45 p.m.

Those who enjoyed the 2006 sitcom ``High Kick,'' which showcased now-top stars Jeong Il-woo and Kim Beom, are in for a treat as MBC is bringing an upgraded version of the hilarious program. Produced by the makers of the original, ``High Kick 2'' revolves around nine-year-old Sin-ae, who moves to Seoul from the countryside with her sister to earn money. They move into the house of Lee Sun-jae ― who is played by the actor himself and is the only person to return to the second show ― and the interesting life with Lee's family and neighbors unfold.

Although the characters and storyline are completely different from the orignial, Lee expressed his excitement to work on the sitcom bearing the same name and concept.

``I'm a little sad and sorry that I am the only original member to appear again. It may be inevitable to be compared with the first show, but I am working hard to show viewers a new side of me,'' Lee said during a press conference last week in Ilsan.

The sitcom ``High Kick 2'' will start airing Sept. 7 at 7:45 p.m., Monday through Friday.
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