Posted : 2009-05-06 11:40
Updated : 2009-05-06 11:40

Choi Min-soo Cast for Hollywood Movie

Top South Korean actor Choi Min-soo has been cast for a role in an upcoming Hollywood action movie, his wife said Wednesday.

Choi is currently in Denver, United States, shooting scenes for "Serpent Rising," an action thriller directed by Lauren Riggins and starring Julian Lee, an emerging Korean-American actor, Yonhap News Agency reported, quoting Choi's wife Kang Joo-eun. Choi plays Karl Kim, one of the government agents in the movie.

The 47-year-old actor has shunned the local film industry since being implicated in an alleged battering of an elderly man last April. He was cleared of all charges last month.

"Serpent Rising" will crank up by the end of this month, and is aiming for a global release this year.

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