Posted : 2009-04-28 17:35
Updated : 2009-04-28 17:35

Kim and Hwang Team up as Accidental Couple

Actor Hwang Jung-min, left, and actress Kim A-joong pose at a press conference for “The Accidental Couple” last week in southern Seoul. / Yonhap

By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

The new drama ``The Accidental Couple'' may seem cliched or predictable, but with its stars each having blockbusters under their belts, things may turn out differently.

The drama, which screens for the first time today, features movie icon Kim A-joong (``200 Pounds Beauty,'' 2006) as top actress Han Ji-sun and musical star Hwang Jung-min (``You're My Sunshine,'' 2005) as post office employee Gu Dong-baek.

When Han gets into a car accident, she's not worried about Gu, who was almost hit, but only herself and her secret boyfriend who was driving the car. Desperate to cover up their relationship, she drags Gu in front of the wheel, letting her boyfriend escape, and lets the paparazzi take their photos. This incident instantly brings Gu to public attention, but things take a turn as Han asks Gu to continue acting as her boyfriend.

``Our drama also has F4,'' Jung Jin-young, the writer, said, referring to the four pretty boy characters in the hit drama ``Boys Over Flowers,'' at a press conference held last week in southern Seoul.

``The relationship between a plain employee and a movie star is a `fantasy,' while the character's `fathers' bring the concept of existence and possession. `Fun' will also be an important element in the drama and viewers will be able to learn more about the love of `families,''' she said.

With high expectations granted to each actor, ``The Accidental Couple'' will offer fans the classic love story, hopefully with a fresher approach.

For Hwang, this drama is particularly special as it's his first time starring in a television drama in his 14-year acting career.

``Gu is a plain and somewhat boring fellow, a bit like the character I played in the movie ` You're My Sunshine.' It's my first time to star in a drama, but the fact that I play the part with all my heart remains the same, regardless of what I'm working on. I'm just worried viewers might think there's something wrong with their television sets because my face is a bit ruddy,'' Hwang said, laughing.

The actor has been busy, with his recent movie ``Private Eye'' still in theaters, and immediately jumped into the drama after the film's release. But he smiled and said he wasn't tired at all.

``I'm an actor and so I feel alive only when I act,'' he said.

Playing his counterpart and a movie star with a sad past is Kim, who appeared in an elegant black dress with a sparkling necklace.

``It's been a long time since I starred in a television series. But it wasn't intentional. I spent my time growing as an actor and also as a person for the past three years. I was given various offers, but I needed time to see clearly,'' Kim said.

When asked about how she felt working with Hwang, Kim said that they spent a lot of time talking about the drama and acting.

``He's very open and I was somewhat surprised at how open-minded he is. But I think you have to be like that as an actor, so I'm grateful for the opportunity to be working with him,'' she said.

The time slots on Wednesdays and Thursdays will be competitive, with fellow actors Cha Seung-won and Kim Sun-ah appearing in ``City Hall'' on SBS and hallyu stars Kwon Sang-woo and Yoo-na in MBC's ``Cinderella Man.''

``Of course we want our drama to be a little more popular than the others!,'' Kim said, smiling.

``The Accidental Couple'' will air tonight at 10 p.m. on KBS.
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