Posted : 2018-01-12 18:49
Updated : 2018-01-12 21:59

Daegu Mirae College to close down

By Kim Jae-heun

Daegu Mirae College will shut down as of Feb. 28 due to financial difficulties, the Ministry of Education said, Friday.

The college suffered shrinking admissions in the last few years, leading the school to become the country's first technical college to close down.

Aekwang Institute, the educational foundation of Daegu Mirae College, applied for the school's abolishment and the ministry approved it.

Daegu Mirae College opened in 1980 as Daeil Industrial College in Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang Province.

The college began to go downhill last September when former President Lee Ye-sook was imprisoned for bribing civil servants in the education ministry.

In addition to her confinement, Daegu Mirae College has since faced other internal complications.

The college received the lowest rating of E in a university structural reform evaluation last year, and its enrollment of new students fell to fulfill only 34.8 percent.

As Aekwang Institute went through a hard time recruiting new students, the school's financial problems were prolonged and the institute decided it would be impossible to run the school. It applied for college abolishment approval last June.

There have been cases where the ministry has ordered technical colleges to close down over corrupt management but this is the first time a school has applied for shutdown approval and the ministry accepted it.

Daegu Mirae College's 264 students on the register or on a leave of absence will be automatically transferred to nearby schools in Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province and put under the same or similar majors they had been pursuing.

If a similar department does not exist, their choice of transfer schools can expand to those located in other nearby cities or provinces.

The Ministry of Education said it will ensure students who have not found a suitable school can continue their studies at private organizations.

The ministry added it has not yet completed its consultations with nearby colleges to accept Daegu Mirae College students.

The students that have already graduated from the college can still issue relevant certificates from the Korea Foundation for the Promotion of Private School.

The education ministry on Dec. 13 ordered Seonam University to shut down by February and banned the school from enrolling new students.

The founder of that school was caught embezzling money in 2012, leading to the school's abolishment within five years.

But its medical students are going through a hard time transferring, as nearby Chonbuk National University students and their parents are strongly opposed to accepting them.

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